2016 Highlight – R.E.A.L. School travels to the Ininew Friendship Centre – Cochrane, ON

On June 4 & 5, 2016, Jordan Miller & Diane Hill of R.E.A.L. School took a trip WAY UP NORTH (for us) to Cochrane, Ontario to deliver a weekend Introductory R.E.A.L. School Leadership Program for the Youth of the Ininew Friendship Centre!

Unfortunately, R.E.A.L. School does not have permission to post photos of the youth themselves, but we do have photos of our famous “Learning Wall” from the Ininew Friendship Centre youth leadership program! You can check out what the youth said they learned while taking part in our June, 2016 weekend introductory program!

R.E.A.L. School extends our thanks to the youth participants; Summer Sunshine, Creative Christine, Awesome Andrew, Flipping Whitney, Kind Shade, Abnormal Andruw, Singing Katie, Kenzie MacKayla, Kayla Mackenzie, Terrific Tracy and the staff; Jack Solomon, Doreen Pichette, Tracy Kerr, Christine Lajoie & Brandi Pollari of the Ininew Friendship Centre for making our trip to Cochrane possible! 😁

See More Photos of the Learning Wall To Follow…….