2016 Highlight – “Gen 7: Aboriginal Role Model Program” – Video Promo

R.E.A.L. School’s Senior Program Animator, Jordan Miller was excited to participate in a Gen7 – promotional video shoot for Motivate Canada in August, 2016. Jordan has been working as an Aboriginal role model with the Motivate Canada – GEN7 program since 2010 with a focus on youth leadership development. To learn more about Jordan and his role at GEN7, please click on this link…..


What is MOTIVATE CANADA’s GEN7 Program?

In collaboration with Active Circle, GEN7 encourages Aboriginal youth to live, and encourage others to live, an active and healthy lifestyle through sport, physical activity, and other means.

GEN7 also helps Aboriginal youth to become leaders in their community.
This video focuses on a Gen7 initiative related to training youth leaders. We hope you will enjoy the new promo video to follow, it is uploaded as a link to Google Drive!
icon_10_generic_list.pngGen 7 Promo JordanMiller.wmvx_8px.png