2016 Highlight – Six Nations Polytechnic Hosts WIPCE Youth Ambassador Training

In August, 2016, Six Nations Polytechnic hosted a summer program focused on training local youth to act as ambassadors who could proudly represent their Native community and work towards an opportunity to represent themselves, their First Nation and their cultural heritage at the World Indigenous Peoples’ Conference on Education taking place in Toronto, ON from July 24-28, 2017 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre – South Building, 255 Front Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 2W6

World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education 2017

Theme: "A Celebration of Resilience"

Six Nations Polytechnic and TAP Resources are excited to host the most prestigious Indigenous education event the world has to offer!

​Grateful to the Native Hawaiian Education Association, WIPCE 2014 host, for their kindness, generosity, wisdom and friendship, Six Nations Polytechnic & TAP Resources are leading the transition to WIPCE 2017.

​Their teams are working hard to plan an exceptional experience that showcases the Indigenous peoples of this territory and beyond, with assistance from their sponsors, community partners and Tourism Toronto.​​

We are pleased to announce that R.E.A.L. School will be delivering a 2-Day Leadership program as part of Young Leaders Conference Stream at WIPCE 2017!

And R.E.A.L. School looks forward to playing a role in the training of this year’s group of youth ambassadors at Six Nations Polytechnic in July, 2017! No doubt, the competition for the honour to be selected as a WIPCE youth ambassador will be a challenge! So, come prepared and let the games begin!