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The R.E.A.L. School Leadership team is pleased to announce that we will be delivering a 2 Day Youth Conference Stream in the Provincial Ballroom at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel – 123 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON

Wednesday, July 26 & Thursday, July 27, 2017
Daily Program Hours are: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

This 2 Day Youth Stream is a special event associated with the 2017 World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education. You can register for the R.E.A.L. School Leadership Youth Conference Stream via the main registration booth situated at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building, 255 Front Street West or online at

Upon your arrival at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel – LOOK For Our R.E.A.L. School Leadership banner that will mark your conference room location!

2016 YEAR END HIGHLIGHT – Wahta Mohawks Cultural Centre

REAL School would end 2016 with a weekend Youth Leadership program delivered on Friday, November 18 to Sunday, November 20, 2016 at the Wahta Mohawk Cultural Centre. What follows are a few photos of significant REAL School teachings related to the traditional Mohawk rendition of the Peacemaker’s encounter with Atotarho, the man with the hair of snakes and how he was helped to connect to the Spiritual Power of the Good Mind enabling him to find the Peace within himself that motivated him to work at establishing the Great Law of Peace (kayanerehkowa) with other nations!

Nia:wenkowa (Great Thanks) to Kara and Brooke of the Wahta Mohawks First Nation for making this weekend a huge success!

2016 Highlight – Six Nations Polytechnic Hosts WIPCE Youth Ambassador Training

In August, 2016, Six Nations Polytechnic hosted a summer program focused on training local youth to act as ambassadors who could proudly represent their Native community and work towards an opportunity to represent themselves, their First Nation and their cultural heritage at the World Indigenous Peoples’ Conference on Education taking place in Toronto, ON from July 24-28, 2017 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre – South Building, 255 Front Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 2W6

World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education 2017

Theme: "A Celebration of Resilience"

Six Nations Polytechnic and TAP Resources are excited to host the most prestigious Indigenous education event the world has to offer!

​Grateful to the Native Hawaiian Education Association, WIPCE 2014 host, for their kindness, generosity, wisdom and friendship, Six Nations Polytechnic & TAP Resources are leading the transition to WIPCE 2017.

​Their teams are working hard to plan an exceptional experience that showcases the Indigenous peoples of this territory and beyond, with assistance from their sponsors, community partners and Tourism Toronto.​​

We are pleased to announce that R.E.A.L. School will be delivering a 2-Day Leadership program as part of Young Leaders Conference Stream at WIPCE 2017!

And R.E.A.L. School looks forward to playing a role in the training of this year’s group of youth ambassadors at Six Nations Polytechnic in July, 2017! No doubt, the competition for the honour to be selected as a WIPCE youth ambassador will be a challenge! So, come prepared and let the games begin!

2016 Highlight – “Gen 7: Aboriginal Role Model Program” – Video Promo

R.E.A.L. School’s Senior Program Animator, Jordan Miller was excited to participate in a Gen7 – promotional video shoot for Motivate Canada in August, 2016. Jordan has been working as an Aboriginal role model with the Motivate Canada – GEN7 program since 2010 with a focus on youth leadership development. To learn more about Jordan and his role at GEN7, please click on this link…..

What is MOTIVATE CANADA’s GEN7 Program?

In collaboration with Active Circle, GEN7 encourages Aboriginal youth to live, and encourage others to live, an active and healthy lifestyle through sport, physical activity, and other means.

GEN7 also helps Aboriginal youth to become leaders in their community.
This video focuses on a Gen7 initiative related to training youth leaders. We hope you will enjoy the new promo video to follow, it is uploaded as a link to Google Drive!
icon_10_generic_list.pngGen 7 Promo JordanMiller.wmvx_8px.png


2016 Highlight – Decolonizing The Spirit Conference – Embu, Kenya

In Decolonizing work......

In Decolonizing work……

From July 19-21, 2016, (OISE) the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto re-located its 10th annual, Decolonizing the Spirit conference to Embu University in Kenya, Africa. Under the guidance and leadership of Dr. Njoki Wane (OISE-Social Justice Education), 20 PhD students, family members and friends from the University of Toronto participated in this international educational event focused on Indigenous discourse related to human development and wellness!

R.E.A.L. School’s Program Administrator, Diane Hill and Senior Program Animator, Jordan Miller attended this conference and gave presentations related to the decolonizing theory and practices on which R.E.A.L. School was conceived and developed! In addition, Diane and Jordan were pleased to participate in the opening ceremony and also in the closing celebration and conference presentations by providing the attendees with a small glimpse into the rituals (tobacco burning & smudging ceremony) & practices (thanksgiving address & the give-away) associated with the Aboriginal peoples of Canada.

This trip was an awesome experience and provided an excellent opportunity to learn something about Kenya and the culture of African Indigenous people! 😀 So grateful and thankful are we……nyawehkowa!