2016 Highlight – R.E.A.L. School travels to the Ininew Friendship Centre – Cochrane, ON

On June 4 & 5, 2016, Jordan Miller & Diane Hill of R.E.A.L. School took a trip WAY UP NORTH (for us) to Cochrane, Ontario to deliver a weekend Introductory R.E.A.L. School Leadership Program for the Youth of the Ininew Friendship Centre!

Unfortunately, R.E.A.L. School does not have permission to post photos of the youth themselves, but we do have photos of our famous “Learning Wall” from the Ininew Friendship Centre youth leadership program! You can check out what the youth said they learned while taking part in our June, 2016 weekend introductory program!

R.E.A.L. School extends our thanks to the youth participants; Summer Sunshine, Creative Christine, Awesome Andrew, Flipping Whitney, Kind Shade, Abnormal Andruw, Singing Katie, Kenzie MacKayla, Kayla Mackenzie, Terrific Tracy and the staff; Jack Solomon, Doreen Pichette, Tracy Kerr, Christine Lajoie & Brandi Pollari of the Ininew Friendship Centre for making our trip to Cochrane possible! 😁

See More Photos of the Learning Wall To Follow…….

2016 Highlight – Ontario Native Education Counselling Association – ONECA 32nd Annual Conference

Diane Hill, Director of Ka’nikonhriyohtshera: Fostering Emergence of the Good Mind teamed up with Jordan Miller, Program Animator for R.E.A.L. School: Reality Education & Applied Life Skills Leadership Program to deliver a presentation on both of these exciting and innovative programs for adults and youth!

The ONECA 32nd Annual Conference held in Sault Ste. Marie, ON was attended by education counsellors, teachers and representatives of Aboriginal post-secondary education programs and services across the province of Ontario. Here are a few key comments taken from the workshop evaluations submitted:

* Intelligent and such wonderful presenters in a mother/son team! The hands-on learning activities, power point information and demonstrations were clear. I can bring the ideas shared and their unique way of thinking back to my students!

* Diane touched on the process of how to change how you think! Amazing!

* I would really like to take the longer 3 Day Workshop if offered at the next ONECA Conference.

* The most powerful workshop ever! They gave us information for how to change and heal ourselves and how to understand the power of the Good Mind. To bring this level of understanding of energy to our youth makes the R.E.A.L. School concepts very purposeful Thank you! Thank you!

* This workshop takes the exploration of self beyond our common understanding and the Good Mind helps youth and adults alike to seek their truth.

* To trust the device of the body and how to live and work through the body! I really enjoyed this workshop!

* These programs are transformative and in-line with our Aboriginal communities’ needs! The information was structured and very well-presented.

* Amazing information and so meaningful to me! I’m open to taking the next steps…workshops?…..conferences? To learn more…..

* Amazing insight and engaging presentation. This information is extremely valuable and easy to relate to. I appreciate the activities that R.E.A.L. School shared!

* A great understanding of spiritual energy! Wow…..

* They are interesting and knowledgeable and know what they are talking about.

* I find it very interesting to be able to re-learn our ways of Indigenous knowing & learning.

* Absolutely wonderful! My spirit was awakened so this is just what I needed ☺

* She was able to make a real connection to the realities of Western education and how we need to re-focus and to re-infuse Indigenous ways of developing the whole person! Change is possible!

* Both Diane and Jordan are amazing presenters! Their work and material needs to be incorporated or made mandatory in our schools’ curriculum.🙌

Happy 2017! R.E.A.L. School Posts A Few Highlights of 2016 – STARTING WITH….

A 5 day March Break 2016 – R.E.A.L. School Leadership Development Program for Youth at the Oneida of the Thames First Nation. Xue (Shirley) Han from Dezhou City, Shandong Province, People’s Republic of China is a Guest REAL School Animator for a Cultural Exchange day with the Haudenosaunee Youth at the Oneida Nation Longhouse Cookhouse.

(Visit our Facebook Page: REAL School Program to view our entire Oneida Nation, March Break, 2016 Photo Album!)

Nyawehkowa – Xue Shirley Han! From R.E.A.L. School Youth & Staff!

R.E.A.L. School THANKS Jeanine George, Rhonda White & Those Who Work From Behind The Scenes!

R.E.A.L. School would like to share OUR Oneida Nation – Night of Success, “INSPIRATION AWARD” with ALL of YOU who work from behind the scenes in our work with youth!
R.E.A.L. School would not be able to do our work without the WORK THAT YOU ALL DO…..WE recognize and acknowledge the hard work, dedication and support of the Supervisor & Staff of the Oneida Family Healing Lodge; the Oneida Nation Administration; the parents of the youth and the community members who work in operating and maintaining the workshop venues and who cook our lunches! The R.E.A.L. School team thanks each and every one of you!

Please see our previous R.E.A.L. School Post to our website that showcases a most beautiful project conceived by 2 R.E.A.L. School program participants, Taya Albert & Emily Doxtator! These two young ladies took part in last summer’s R.E.A.L. School youth program funded through the Oneida Family Healing Lodge in August, 2014!

The Oneida Nation – Night of Success event was a youth-inspired, youth-led project developed by Taya and Emily to recognize other youth in their community! This was a positive event that garnered the attention of the Oneida Nation Chief and Council who took part in funding, supporting, cooking and attending the event that was held on Friday, June 26th at the Oneida Community Centre.

You can read about this event in our previous post and by visiting our BLOG at getrealschool.com Don’t forget to visit our “REAL School program” page on Facebook (and like our page) and check out our photos of this event on our timeline and the special photo album we created!

R.E.A.L. School acknowledges the efforts of Jeanine George who prepared the funding proposal and Rhonda White who worked as our community-based coordinator for the R.E.A.L. School Oneida Nation program for the 15+ Youth Program in August, 2014! WE could not have done this without you and without the support of many others! Nyawehkowa!

Oneida Nation Night of Success

On Friday, June 26, 2015, R.E.A.L. School was invited to the inaugural "Night of Success" at the Oneida Nation Community Centre. Taya Albert and Emily Doxtator, two R.E.A.L. School Leaders hosted a dinner to honour high school students who completed their 2014/15 school year. Taya and Emily believe deeply that just being able to stay in high school and to complete your year is something to be celebrated! And so, this project was conceived by these two young women to help youth to appreciate that their journey through high school is just as important as being recognized for having outstanding academics or for excelling in sports. Together with friends and family, 5 students were honoured with Certificates of Achievement. R.E.A.L. School was also honoured with an award for their service. In attendance was the Oneida Chief and Council who supported this youth-inspired and youth-led event by providing the food and then cooking us all a lovely dinner.

We celebrate the success and achievements of all of the students who attended this first event and we look forward to the next year when new students will attend! Congratulations to Cloresse Schuyler, Lauren Doxtator, Shaylee Doxtator, Colton Doxtator, and Karyna Doxtator.