R.E.A.L. School COTTFN – Youth Testimonials – August, 2013

A GET REAL at R.E.A.L. School Testimonial by Nate – August, 2013

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A Testimonial from the Constance Lake First Nation, Calstock, ON


“I want to thank Farley, Jordan and Diane for showing me how to get out of my box!”

– ‘Grateful’ Greg Wesley, Grade 6 student, Age 12

“My son, ‘Grateful Greg’ as he named himself, took part in a 3-week R.E.A.L. School program for students in Grades 4 to 12 at the Mamawmatawa Holistic Education Centre in Constance Lake. It is because of his participation in this program that Greg has changed. He’s become more aware, more gentle and more forgiving of others. Sometimes when there’s bullying, I want to protect him, but R.E.A.L. School has helped Greg to see beyond the ‘bully’ to a young person who needs help. He’s become more confident in what he’s saying and more expressive in his feelings. He teaches me how to see life differently and reminds me of how I should be treating others. I am so proud of Greg and whenever it seems like he’s starting to forget his R.E.A.L. School teachings, I simply say, ‘Remember what they taught you’ and he’s back to being a ‘leader’ once again. I truly appreciate what R.E.A.L. School has taught my son and other children in the community….Keep up the Great Work!”

– Diane Andrews, Parent/NNADAP Counsellor, Constance Lake First Nation, ON


R.E.A.L. School – Testimonials 2012 – What Educators Are Saying About Our Program!

Nya:weh! The program information was very, very helpful. Keep up the Good Work!


Thank You, for making me HAPPY!


It was fun to spend some time with such caring and dedicated people!


The message is simple. Making someone happy is priceless!


The “Angry Bird” game was a nice change and it made me SMILE.


This session was enlightening – I am anxious to take the things I learned back to school with me and to apply them in my life!


BRILLIANT! As all your presentations are, Diane! I really learned to be MYSELF!


This program was wonderful! Where was this before I went to College?! I think that ALL highschoolers & younger should have the chance to think like this before the weight of expectations weighs too heavy on them. Thanks!


🙂 ! I CHOSE to stand up for mySELF today; both vocally & louder!


REAL School: Reality Education and Applied Lifeskills – An Innovative Program for Youth

I have been a police officer with the Toronto Police Service for approximately six years. I have worked in various locations in the City of Toronto and have had the opportunity to work with many different communities.

In October 2010, I began to work within the Lawrence Heights community at Sir Sandford Fleming Academy. I was known as the School Resource Officer, where I was in the school on a daily basis, building relationships with the students, teachers, and community as a whole.

In December 2010, it was brought to my attention that there was a program that was created by REAL School and Urban Rez Solutions that used music to assist in building relationships with students at the school. The program was designed to address a variety of issues that the students have to deal with on a daily basis and ways they can deal with these issues in a positive and constructive manner.

In January 2011, the program commenced. There were weekly meetings that included a guest speaker or discussion of some type about issues that affect students and their communities. As a police officer it is very rare that I was able to be involved in these discussions where the students did not censor their opinions. I was able to give my opinions as well as answer any questions that the students may have had. The relationships that I developed with the students who participated in this program were invaluable. There is no other opportunity that I have had in my career to have teenagers comfortable enough, with me in uniform, to discuss their personal experiences and issues. This program allowed me to see the community I serve, on a daily basis, in a completely differently light. Knowing how the students feel and how they perceive what the issues are allowed me to see the community from a community member’s perspective.

There was one female student, who was involved in minor crimes, at the beginning of the program who refused to talk to me. By the end of the program, this same female student was confiding in me about her personal life, and was looking for ways to straighten out her life. She advised me that she aspired to be a police officer and to treat people the way that I do. Before she met me she believed all police officers were the same, she said that all her experiences with the police were negative. The progression of this relationship is so touching to me, I can’t express how much hearing her say those words to me meant, not only as a police officer, but as a person.

The musical element of the program was also very rewarding for all persons involved. To see the passion that the students had for something that they believed in was very eye opening. To be able to see words and a beat take shape, to become a song on a CD is an experience that I would not have been able to see anywhere else except in this program.

Sir Sandford Fleming Mixtape was one of the single most rewarding programs that I have been involved in. I would strongly suggest and support the expansion of this program.

~ Ashley Wolosinovsky, Toronto Police Services, June, 2011

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